Vacuum Pump Repairs

At Armstrong Pump, we have our customer’s best interest at the center of our daily business schedule. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Unlike some of our competition, our repairs are completely done (from assembly, sandblast, reassemble, and paint) in house. We offer several repair options to choose from including full stainless steel clad on the inside of most pumps to partial clad, i.e. cones, rings on rotor and rings on outer shrouds. We also offer ceramic epoxy coating on all wetted areas.

We at Armstrong Pump feel our customers deserve the very best repair available so therefore on most of our repairs we offer solid stainless steel cast cones at no extra charge. This enables our customers the benefit of stainless steel over cast iron where the water lands inside the pump.

Armstrong Pump has an inventory of all stainless steel parts – rotors, cones, packing glands, and bodies for most * Nash CL pumps and *Nash 904 pumps. Please call (205)956-9002 for more detailed information. We performance test all of our repairs on our state of the art test stand. This is a service we provide to our repair customers at no extra charge. This assures all parties involved know the efficiency of the pump.