Refiner Plates

We are proud to be the only dealer to offer INOX refiner plates to the United States. The discs are fit for any refining application. The specific alloy with high chrome content, assure high impact resistance, endurance and non burr formation on the edge of the blades. All rotating discs are dynamically balanced.
The INOX cast discs are available for any type of refiner, refining area and design.
INOX is a world leader in the development of refiner plates and has been manufacturing them for over 30 years.

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Cast Segmented Discs

The segmented cast discs fit any refiner and refining application. Special alloys with high chrome content assure high-impact resistance, endurance and non-burring on lead cutting edges. All rotating sets are dynamically balanced to within >2 mils per plane.

INODUR I, with Brinell hardness of >420, offers an economical solution to the most common least-demanding refining application.

INODUR II, with a Brinell hardness of >550, addresses more demanding applications that require greater wear resistance.

HB 800, we have pioneered the development of a new surface treatment system which greatly increases blade hardness while maintaining the base metal flexibility. This system increases the blade surface hardness to >800 Brinell, resulting in sharper blades while maintaining higher impact resistance, durability, and overall plate life. We innovated surface treatment greatly reducing the potential shattering effect inherent in other hard-cast metal plates.

E.F.T. System

The Equal Flow Through system was designed to deliver balanced flow to both sides of the rotating element on double disc refiners. The patented E.F.T. System, with its angled hub geometry delivers a pumping action which promotes equalized stock flow, even during critically low stock flow conditions. The lighter rotor has a standardized drilling pattern which allows the use of segmented or single disc plates. The lower weight is easier to handle, and also offers significantly reduced no-load and net HP/TPD while obtaining equal fiber development. The E.F.T. System can be installed in any Double Disc refiner with no modifications.

Fabricated Plates

In many cases, there are advantages to using fabricated plates rather than cast segmented discs. Due to higher, more parallel bars, fabricated plates tend to offer significantly longer MTBPM. Also fabricated plates require fewer mounting holes resulting in more refining surface area. Manufactures utilizing 301SS bar stock, fabricated plates will not shatter or roll and are repairable in many cases. Due to fewer components, fabricated plates also reduce installation time.

We are a world leader in design and quality fabricated plates utilizing three to four times the amount of weld material used by other manufacturers resulting in a far more durable refining surface.

Similar to HB800, we offer HB750 surface treatment for their fabricated plates increased the bar surface strength to >750 Brinell for those refining applications requiring extra durability and MTBPM.

Conical Fillings

The conical fillings are manufactured by welding cold re-rolled 301 stainless steel bars to carbon steel cones. The cold re-rolling process compacts the molecular structure of the steel, making it harder without increasing its brittleness. This raises the Brinell hardness to 400 and ensures that the bars wear uniformly and maintain their sharp edge over the life of the fillings Also by welding the individual bars to the cone, consistent thickness and height of the bar is achieved from the cutting surface to the base, unlike case fillings that tend to have a shallow trapezoidal channel. Due to the shallow bar and channel geometry the cast filling results in poor fiber development and increased maintenance cost. Our fabricated fillings are custom machined to fit the stator and rotor eliminating the need to “grind-in” the set; and with in-house pattern facilities, we offer custom designs to accommodate virtually any type of fiber requirement.