How To Make A Powerful Water Pump At Home


Owning a home requires a water pump around your basement to pump water to any location you wish. Water pumps can also drain out runoff water seeping around your basement to another suitable location such as your garden. This avoids damage that runoff water is likely to cause to your basements.

It is very crucial to know how to make a powerful water pump at home instead of every time calling local plumbers when you can do it by yourself.

To make a home water pump follow these steps. Confirm the following checklist to ensure you have all the required items necessary.

Tape Measure
Pipe Wrench
Flat Head Screwdrivers
Hand Saw
Up to 5 feet of PVC Pipe
The Appropriate PVC Connectors and Adhesive
Hose Clamps
Check Valve

Home water pumps come in different models. Most of the water pump has three connections.

The first is the electrical connection made up of three wire plug which connects to the power source at least five meters above the ground.

The second connection comprises of a plastic fitting about 1/4 inch in length of the plastic fitting. It should have back flow valves installed to prevent water back flow from the water source once pumped.

The third connection is the hosepipe connecting the pump and the water source or the drain line.

Locate the water pump where you want it to be. Using the Flat Head Screwdrivers unscrew the water pump bolts that fasten check valves to the outflow outlets.

Connect all the water piping to the pump and the water source. Check whether there are gaps left that would cause water leakage.

A wet vacuum is important to clean the inside of the water pump to ensure that the inside is clean. If the inside is clean then you are okay to install the pipe.
Measure and then the correct pieces of PVC pipes to connect to the water pump.

After installing, test the performance of the water pump by pouring water into the pit then turning it on. It should kick on the water when the level of water is at the level of the diaphragm switch.

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