About Us

We opened our doors for business on September 1, 1989 with a business plan that simply stated “Do it right everytime.”
Our strategy has been implemented and we have created a “World-Class” service facility that is second to none. We approach each customer with the promise to give our best for the least in the liquid ring vacuum pump repair arena. Our people have approximately 50 years cumulative experience in the repair of vacuum pumps. We have factory-trained technicians, ASTM certified welders and our machinists have varied capabilities and specialties.
We have solved numerous problems with low pH and closed-loop water systems in several paper mills in the United States and Canada. We developed our methods and solved the problems by cladding the inside of the vacuum pumps with stainless steel. With the Addition of our new AP Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, we can now offer Pumps or Pump Components (Rotor, Cones, etc…) in any grade of stainless steel our customers specify.
In solving individual paper mill vacuum pump problems we are typically engaged in the following activities:
Fiberscope inspections
Orifice testing
Service in the Mill
--bearing changes, coupling problems and complete pump service
Pump removal and installation
Technical support
Research, development and design

Our Birmingham, Alabama service center allows us the luxury of having storage space and a large inventory of vacuum pumps ready for Mill service. Our inventory also includes replacement parts of all vacuum pumps. We are the only company capable of servicing and repairing Nash, Somarakis, Siemens, Bingham, Sihi, Vooner and all liquid ring vacuum pumps. Since our beginning in 1989, Armstrong Pump and Service Company has enjoyed a phenomenal rate of growth and satisfaction. The satisfaction comes from knowing our customers have received the very best service available.